What Did I Just Read?

Book number four for the new year and I’m like what did I just read?

I chose it because the cat on the cover was cute. And Stephen King reviewed it. And I love Stephen King, so my expectations were high. But I was confused.

There was a talking, Bible-reading cat. Weird, but okay. It’s a horror book, right? But not so much of a horror book rather than a suspense or thriller.

Just when I thought I had it all figured out, I didn’t. And there were four main characters: Ted. Lauren. Olivia (the cat) and Dee.

I dunno. Part of me wanted to continue on to see what really happened to Lulu (oh, that was another character early on in the book. Confused yet? Yeah, I kinda still am to be honest.

Let’s call is a psychological thriller, that’s really what it was. And did I like it? Nah, not really. I probably should have put it down long ago.

Pick it up and give it a try, maybe you’ll find it better than I did. Cuz honestly, I’m still like wth? Tell me what you think. Have you read it?

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